Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random - Character bits and bobs

Well, for this, I don't really have art that can be completely CATEGORIZED properly per se, but I have a couple sketches this day. <3

The first is another fancharacter from my aforementioned friend's race, serving as a sentry/war-drummer. She's fairly new and goes by the name of Nakoda. Her design also underwent a couple minor changes to have it fit with that race's continuity. Not sure how I'll implement her as a character yet, but hey, having to keep watch constantly wouldn't be... exactly fun. |D; (And the red stuff is warpaint. She also has a drum baton wrapped in her tail so she could beat the drums, nyaaaah.)

The second is actually something from a race of mine, the Tachmallu - which are a race of squid-based humanoids with an affinity for music. (More information will come on them in another post, since they're one of the sentient races in HatU) This particular one was designed as another NPC for another friend's campaign, going by the name of Tennant. He, along with his four siblings, run a chain of stores known as the Oceanus Co., selling goods and novelties from all over the universe, including goods from their home planet. Not sure yet if I'll have the Oceanus Co. integrated into the plot of HatU yet, but there'll be time to decide. Hopefully the DM will like NPCing them out.

The last image is the logo of their store sign. |D Another friend of mine helped me design it out. Desupuuuuuus. When all the other siblings are finished, I might post them up and explain a bit more about 'em.

Kind of blegh tonight. Like.. in the mood to draw more tonight, but not sure what. But I suppose this suffices for now.

EDIT: The Barbarian chick's name is now Nakoda. For some reason... it seems to fit. |D

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