Thursday, May 20, 2010

HatU - Creepiness and WTF-ery

Oh lords, a long period passed by again. D| School was finishing up for the semester and I've not drawn too much, though over the span of the next few posts, I have some sketchworks of random things I can throw up here I suppose..

As well as my sculpture pieces, I have three of my major pieces back that I' pretty okay with, so I'll take photos of those. <3

As the post is so aptly named, just a few miscellaneous paintings and some WTF-ery pertaining to Hayden and the Underground. Or things I liked enough to post up.. The one at the top there was done when I was in a particularly bitter mood - usually when my moods are down, my art comes much creepier. And also there isn't a lot of art on my end which portrays the creepier side to him.

On the subject of creepiness, this was a pretty old piece I've been aching to finish, but never got around to it. By a previous post I made, this would be Hayden's alter-ego, Nightshade - aka, the beast that lies beneath his human facade. He transforms into this state if exposed to dark places (like nighttime, dimly lit rooms, etc.), and serves as the main brunt to his powers - mainly strength and scaring enemies into submission. (And yes, his saliva is a bright blue slime~.) Painting in openCanvas wields some nice results, if not more time consuming.

Lastly.. this was done as a joke due to a friend of mine. |D She wanted me to try drawing Sergei as Lt. Surge from the Pokemon games, and here's the result.. despite it being half-coloured. Kind of funny since one of the older reincarnations of Serge himself DOES have short hair instead of the wild, wavy hair he has as a teenager. Though I must say, he doesn't look half bad in camo..

DnD has been taking over a lot, so most of my other sketches are things pertaining to that. But alas, showing those are for another day. >3>