Monday, April 12, 2010

HatU - Hayden (pt. 1)

WELL, I think I should get to finally gaining a habit to updating this thing daily. Seeing as I've been trying to draw more, I think it's time to touch this thing after TEN DAYS since the last post. :|

Anyway.. as stated in the little flavor text of this blog, the project I'm working on is a universe known as "Hayden and the Underground", which in essence, are a collection of short stories about a superhero and his friends/colleagues/allies/etc. either going on crazy-ass adventures or just doing their best to eke out an everyday living in a futuristic San Francisco. Most times, if not all.. it's usually a mix of both.

Because hell, if you live in a time where superheroes, aliens and god-knows-what else coexist in the same place, everyday is most likely going to have a highlight. |D

Getting down to the post, this is the titular character of this little universe - Hayden Rosencranz.

Hayden is what he likes to call a "freelance superhero", basically going around to where he senses trouble and restoring order when other heroes are off all willy-nilly elsewhere. Y'know, dealing with not only cries of help around your domain and world, but distress calls from different planets and even alternate dimensions.

Sound like the ordinary superhero fare? Aaah, but there is a catch.

He's not one to take his job as seriously as others of his profession would - he's cocky, crass, a ball-buster, and quite rude among the ladyfolk. Often, his jobs would result in him sometimes getting beaten, screamed at, or even chased out of a province. One would be led to believe going around and restoring order is a reward in itself, but for Hayden? It's a way to make his money to get by, whether or not the end result is desirable.

And what powers make him so "special"? It's not what he is on the outside, but really... what lies beneath.

I'll go more into his initial development, origins and whatnot in later posts. For now, enjoy a couple sketches, for there's more to come later~.

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