Friday, April 2, 2010

DnD - Arkish Things

Oh... oh jeez, along with the intro post, for first art post.. where do I start?! I have so much sketchy art I can show, but so little time.. so I suppose I can start off with a character I've done recently.

I was in a nautical theme sometime back due to one of the DnD campaigns I'm in, and one of the characters I submitted as an NPC was Ark - a denizen of a friend's race called the "Changers", which are humanoids with polymorphing powers. Depending on the caste they're from, the Changers take on attributes from their respective group. Ark himself is a Druid Changer, which enable them to take the form of a single animal, as well as its "were" form. His animal form is that of a ray - not sure what KIND he is exactly, since he's a mix between a manta (for his size/body structure) and a stingray (for the barb in his tail and the lack of the "lobes"), but hey, rays are one of my favourite sea animals regardless.

Character-wise, he's part of a pirate crew as its second mate and a master at swordplay. He's native to Ireland, so he's got the accent to boot. XD And he's a ladies' man at that. Prior to his nautical adventures, Ark had a bit of a questionable past back in his homeland, but that's gonna be kept a mystery for now. <3

It doesn't help that Pirates of the Caribbean music made me get in the mood to draw him more often. Freaking pirates. :I

...and yes, his hair and eyebrows are absolutely ridiculous.

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