Monday, June 21, 2010

Random - Been a while..

Eesh. haven't updated this in a bit that I almost forgot what username to sign in on this. Not good. D|

The summer's been pretty slow for when it comes to art in general. I got sidetracked with some new videogames as of late, so hopefully that'll spark up some inspiration, no?

Aaaaaanyway, since I don't want to leave this post empty-handed, I'll put some works in progress I'll probably finish in some time:

First, some Bioshock fanart in progress. I got an XBox 360 as of recently and this was one of the first games I've been wanting to play. I may be acquiring a copy soon, though let's see how I fare with horror-based first person shooter. |D Regardless, I love the design concepts from this game, even though Big Daddies can be a royal pain to get right - especially the Bouncer designs. Planning to do this one in my openCanvas painterly style.

This... is a bit of a different turn for my art. I plan to make this one my new ID over on DA, or maybe just a stand-alone. Either way, I normally never drew people like this. XD I think it's the lips. I think my art professor beating his realism lessons into me are coming back subconsciously. Still have a bit to work on with this one - but this would be myself on any long trip in a vehicle. I'd pretty much be staring out the window blankly into the passing scenery. (Which is pretty common when we'd have to drive from Pennsylvania to Jersey and back for family meets and the like.)

Aaaand that's it for now. Jeez, I gotta draw more. :I

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